Want more Energy for Work, Relationships, and Parenting? 

Learn to bio-hack your biological rhythms

  • This 4 Part Video Series will teach you how to use your hormones to boost your energy
  • You have phases to your female cycle - Like SEASONS -  when you are a master at certain things... 
  • This 4 Part Video Series will give you all the easy ways to utilize your innate hormonal strengths 

You have 4 phases to your female cycle - Like SEASONS -  when you are a master at certain things... 


In this 4 part video series you will learn:  

🔴 How being in productive - GO MODE - at the wrong time in your cycle is actually holding you back causing burnout

🟠 How your hormones can be utilized to up level your Work, Relationship, & Parenting

🟢 How your hormones effect your brain, emotions, metabolism, exercise and body functions. - and how to finally work WITH them for easy & amazing results 


You will create a newfound mastery of your feminine energy to work, achieve, and live like you have never conceived before...  

Even IF and especially IF you would consider your hormones irregular



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I loved the reference sheets! Since I'm not an avid tracker... ok, I don't track at all... it took a while to figure out where in the process I was. I'm really visual... I also found it mind-blowing that there were different foods that worked better in different phases. Since I'm not in tune with my body and fight it most days, I learned why I tend to have meltdowns on a fairly regular basis.


Putting aside the fact that I have hormonal imbalance attributing to some things, I found knowing that my cycle correlated with certain events in my body every month was so awakening and answered so many questions. I have always felt there is more to what is going on, and we are after all just matter which is energy! This added to how I feel and connected the pieces gave me tools to understand why I am feeling certain ways at certain times. Loved it!

Jo Ann

 I feel this subject is very fascinating, and new. I believe a woman does start cycling with the moon pretty naturally especially at menopause. I've been able to tell that I cycle, never put it all together though. Hard to put it all together. I'm going to listen again and print everything! Thank You!!

The "More Energy" key is IN You! 

 In this 4 part video series you will learn: Specific ways to use and learn the bio hacks to the 4 phases of your 28 day feminine cycle & operate in your best energy for each phase 

Exact Actions  - Phase by Phase

Specifically in Work, Relationships (& Sex), Parenting, Your Body, Your Metabolism, Food, and Movement (aka exercise)

Watch at your pace

You'll have 30 days to watch and re-watch once you access the video series 

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What She Said: 

"This was brand new information, that just made super sense. A great class to help us in our everyday life. The cycling of the moons and how it affects our bodies, putting this info into planning our month to be optimal in our lives, families & business. The visuals are important for me, with the ability to go back and watch the videos. I love that you’ve given the notes. So we could relax and take in what you were saying. Content was brand new to me, I loved that!!" - JoAnn